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Class Schedule
Period 1 8:20-9:07 9th Grade Health/Phy-ed
Period 2 9:07-9:59 9th Grade Health/Phy/ed
Period 3 10:04-10:51 9th Grade Health/Phy-ed
Period 4 Activities Director
Period 5 Activities Director
Period 6 Activities Director
Period 7 Activities Director
Note: Activities Director's office is located by the locker rooms

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9th grade phy-ed Syllabus


PHYSICAL EDUCATION                         
            Be in the locker room on time.
            Four to five minutes are allowed to dress for class and report to the gym.
            Immediately report to the gym and begin walking.
            Use the restrooms and get a drink of water before we start the warm-ups.
Daily Routine:
            Report to the gym and begin warm-ups.
            Attendance will be taken while students are warming up.
            Warm-ups will vary every day.
            It is Mandatory that you change clothes on a daily basis.
Appropriate clothing: Black Phy-ed shorts, Grey Phy-ed T-shirt, athletic shoes with clean bottoms, and socks.
Bring Warm clothing when we will be going outside. You will be given plenty of warning before we will go outside.
Please use rubber bands, etc. to keep hair out of way if you have long hair.
            For safety reasons, NO GUM or Candy
            Locks will be provided for all students in boys and girls locker rooms.
Locks will be assigned and expected to be kept. Any student that loses or damages a lock will be issued a new one at a cost of $6.00. This must be done immediately!!!!
            Any lost items should be reported to Mr. Mahoney or any of the Phy-ed teachers.
In case of a fire, use the lobby exits from the gym and report to the north athletic   doors. If you are changing, put on enough clothes to be decent and go out. Relax, don’t scream, do not panic, dress and leave.
Class Rules:
            If you forget to bring your phy-ed clothes, the following consequences will occur.
1.      You may be allowed to wear a t-shirt and shorts if you forgot your PE clothes at home. However, you will be docked 10 points every time you do not have your PE clothes.
2.      You will be docked 20 points for the day if you do not have any PE clothes, but you can still receive participation points.
3.      If you lose your phy-ed uniform, you may purchase another one from Mrs. Engelby.
            You will be expected to make-up any excused absences. You will have 1 week to complete this. Your make-up will consist of doing some type of physical activity outside of school and practice for at least 20 minutes. You will need a parent signature in order to get credit.
            Points will be given as follows:
1.      Daily Dress Phy-ed shorts and shirt with tennis shoes……….. 30%
2.      Participation and Attitude (Per Unit)...……………………….. 40%
3.      Skill/Effort and Test’s (Per Unit).……....…………………….. 30%
No daily points will be given if you dress and then do not participate or display a lack of effort. You will lose daily points for breaking class rules. You should not expect to pass a participation class if you are not there to participate. Daily participation is the biggest part of you grade. Medical excuses signed by a doctor will excuse you from participating and dressing from class.
            A   100- 94.5                             C 76.49-72.5
            A- 94.49-89.5                           C- 72.49-69.5
            B+ 89.49-86.5                           D+ 69.49-66.5
            B   86.49-82.5                           D   66.49-62.5
            B- 82.49-79.5                           D- 62.49-59.5
            C+ 79.49-76.5                          F    59.49-0
            Tell me if you are injured in class. I will not always be able to tell if you are hurt unless you let me know. We do not want a surprise phone call. If you are injured or sick you are still expected to dress.
Please go over this with your parents, have them sign it, and return it to me. This is your first and last assignment in Phy-ed.
___________________________                           ____________________
Parent/Guardian Signature                                       Date
___________________________                          ______________________                                     
Student’s Name                                                     Class period

9th grade health syllabus

9th Grade Health
Requirements for class
Health Folder
Textbooks are available in the classroom and on a check-out basis
Classroom Policies:
  1. Be in your assigned seat and ready to begin as soon as the bell rings.
  2. As soon as the bell rings students need to read the board and begin working on their quick write.
  3. Hand work on TIME!!!! All assigned work is due at the beginning of the next class period. Homework should be placed in the class basket. Points will be taken off for any work that is handed in late.
  4. Do your own work. Do not be afraid to ask for help if you do not understand the material.
  5. Being on time is essential. You will receive 2 “no penalty” tardies. The third and future tardies will result in you having to stay after school for 15 minutes to make up missed class time.
  6. Show respect for yourself, your classmates, your teacher and your material.
Please give me your planner when you return after being absent from class. It is your responsibility to take care of any make-up work within the due date given. If know you are going to be gone in advance please inform the teacher before so you can get the assignment before hand.
Grading    “Quality work and Expectations”
10% - Quick Writes
30% - Exams
40% - Homework
20% - Projects

Health Units

9th Grade Health Learning Targets
Aspects of Wellness:
  1. Students will develop an understanding of the wellness triangle.
  2. Students will be able to identify the 5-steps of the decision making.
  3. Students will write short term and long term goals.
Communication Skills
  1. Students will know the difference between passive, assertive, and aggressive communication skills.
  2. Students will develop the use of effective active listening skills.
Physical Activity
  1. Students will be able to identify their own THR(Target Heart Rate).
Stress and Stress Management
  1. Students will be able to define stress and how it affects the body.
  2. Students will develop ways to reduce stress
First Aid and Safety
  1. Students will identify one first aid procedure in handling wounds, burns, frostbite, hypothermia, bleeding, poisoning, choking, animal bites, heart stroke/exhaustion, nose bleeds, fainting, shock, sprains, and strains.
Emotional Disorders
  1. Students will describe and compare the different classifications of emotional disorders.
Abuse and Neglect
  1. Students will define abuse and neglect.
  2. Students will explore how abuse affects the victim’s health.
  3. Students will explore abuse in dating relationships and how to prevent becoming a victim.
  1. Students will identify disease related to smoking and the use of smokeless tobacco.
  2. Students will explore various ways to quit using tobacco products.
  1. Students will describe the different classifications of chemicals and their effects on the body.
  2. Students will explore treatment programs for families and users of chemicals.
Nutrition and Fitness
  1. Students will explore the new food guide pyramid.
  2. Students will describe the role of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and water in their diet.
  3. Students will be able to analyze a food label.
  4. Students will explore the facts and fallacies of fat diets.
Losses and Grief’s
  1. Students will describe the stages of grief and how they are expressed.
Sexually Transmitted Infections
  1. Students will identify the treatments/vaccines for sexually transmitted infections.
  2. Students will describe responsible sexual behavior if you get a sexually transmitted infection or suspect you might have one.






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