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Math Web Links

Holt Online Book Website --
This is the website that accompanies the textbooks for Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Advanced Algebra.

Practice Help/Homework Help Websites

This website has video instructions for almost all curriculum topics in math, as well as for different subjects.

MathBits is a collection of fun, yet challenging, lessons, and activities in junior-senior high school mathematics. Look for the free activities.

This is a portal offering materials for high school students, teachers, and parents from Pre-Algebra to Calculus.  Practice area leads students through steps of solving math problems of various types.

This is a website created to assist students with algebra.  It offers step-by-step illustrated lessons and procedures.

S.O.S. Mathematics 
A site created for high school, college, and adult learners to review math in the areas of Algebra through Differential Equations.

Mathisfun --
This is a website that is for mainly Pre-Algebra & Algebra with some geometry.  Practice problems are available and you are able to search by topic or grade level.

Education Math Games/Manipulatives Websites

A collection for free online math games for K-8 kids and teachers.

Timez Attack
The ultimate multiplication tables video game.  (Base version is free)

A collection of games to reinforce the basic skills of mathematics while still challenging you.

Mr. Brooks' Favorite