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Fairmont High School
Varsity Letter in Community Service
Students who meet the following criteria in the area of community service will be awarded a varsity letter.
All students in grades 9-12th are eligible to apply and can earn a letter each year.
● 100 hours of unpaid, volunteer service completed in any 12 month period beginning the summer before 9th grade. At least 50 hours must be completed through one agency or for one cause to insure understanding and sustained commitment to a selected social issue that is personally relevant to the student, e.g., homelessness, elderly, poverty, literacy, environment, healthcare, community.
● A record of all service hours verified by an adult supervisor or parent.
● One recommendation letter from organizations or people served describing your service and performance.
● Reflection project- A written reflection, journal, video, song, work of art, children’s book, presentation or other based upon your sustained service with one agency or in one area of need.
● Digital photo of you doing service.
● Students must be academically eligible and chemical free during the year to participate in this program.
How do I record my Community Service Hours? Use the Varsity Letter Record of Volunteer Service to track your hours. All Volunteer hours recorded must be verified by the organization where service is performed or by a parent or adult supervisor.
Letters of Recommendation: Please obtain one completed recommendation form or letter of recommendation from agencies or individuals served.
Reflection Project: The purpose of the Reflection Project is to demonstrate your understanding of the agency or issue of interest by answering the following questions:
  1. What is the organization, need or issue selected and why did you chose it?
  2. Why does this issue exist and who is affected?
  3. Who are the public and private organizations working on this issue and what is being done to address it? How are they succeeding and what are their limitations?
  4. What did you expect to experience before you began volunteering in this area and how did your expectations differ from your actual experiences?
  5. How did you serve? Describe your thoughts and feelings at specific times as you served.
  6. Were there ethical issues that you encountered?
  7. What new skills, knowledge and/or understanding have you gained?
You are encouraged to see Mr. Mahoney in the Activities Office if you have questions or wish to review your reflection before submitting it.
Varsity Letter Application: Complete the FHS Varsity Letter Application and submit it with a verified record of your hours served, letter of recommendation, reflection project and a digital photo of you doing service when you have completed all requirements.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Who can participate? All Fairmont Area Schools students entering grades 9-12
Where can I volunteer? There are many ways to volunteer in your community through school, churches, hospitals, non-profit agencies, nursing homes, parks, humane society etc.
How are hours spent volunteering on a mission trip, as a camp counselor or on a volunteer vacation counted? Volunteers should count hours actually spent doing service up to 8 hours per day for mission trips, camp counseling or volunteer vacations. If you have documentation proving you served more than these hours you may submit it.
Can I count hours from club meetings? If you participate in a school club, youth group, scouts, etc. you may count hours spent at meetings organizing and implementing a service project. Only hours spent planning and participating in a service project will count as community service hours.
What doesn’t count?
Travel time to and from service activities
Hours spent sleeping during overnight service trips or events
Volunteer hours that apply towards another Varsity Letter i.e., sports team managers, participants in theatre or choir performances
Court mandated community service or volunteer service required for a class or as a requirement for graduation.
How can I learn more? Contact Mat Mahoney, Activities Director at Fairmont Area Schools, at 507-235-4216 or or visit us in the Activities Office at Fairmont Jr/Sr High School.